About China Visa
Chinese Visa

Chinese visas include four types: ordinary visa , diplomatic visa, courtesy visa and service visa. The Ordinary visa includes 8 categories and there are Tourist visa (L-visa), Business Visa (F-visa ), Work Visa (Z-visa), Student Visa (X-visa), Transit Visa (G-visa), Resident Visa(D-visa), Crew Visa(C-visa), Journalist Visa (J-visa).

The Chinese visa is a stamp or endorsement placed by officials of a China on a passport allowing to Visit China. The Chinese visas are obtained through a visa service from the local consulates of China. Visit is further defined as the reason for entry, usually business, tourist or transitory. There are over 280 countries offering visas and literally thousands of different types of visas available based upon country, type of visit, and length of visit.

The best time to apply for your Chinese visa is 1-2 months before your travel date. The Chinese Consulate automatically issues 1-year multiple entry visas to US passport holders except in certain special situations. With a 1-year multi-entry visa, your visa is valid for 12 months from date of issue, and you can enter China any time during the 12 months while the visa is valid.

Validity of Visa
A single entry Chinese visa is valid for 3 months from the date of issue, and a double entry visa is valid for 6 months. A China visa holder must enter China before the expiration date for the visa to remain valid.
Duration of Stay
The duration of stay is specified on a Chinese visa. Chinese visa holders must not stay beyond the specified date without extending their visas. Otherwise, they will be subject to stiff penalties.