Rana lobbied to get Headley Pak visa

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 The Chicago court was told that 26/11 accused Tawahhur Rana tried hard to get co-accused David Headley a Pakistani visa. Prosecutor Sarah Streicker played the transcript of a call between then Pakistani consul general in Chicago, Aman Rashid, and Rana. Rashid had studied with Rana and Headley in the same military cadet college Hasan Abdal School in Pakistan.

In September 2009, Rana was trying to get Headley an extended visa for five years. Rashid explained to Rana that since Headley was an American he could not get such a visa because Americans are not given extended visas to Pakistan.

"Government of India has given him," Rana argued.

"Government of Pakistan has never given one," Rashid replied.

Rana told Rashid that Headley had been issued such a visa in New York. "We will give him multiple-entry visa for five years," Rashid said. "If he is not Pakistani we should not give him for five years," Rashid added. "I am looking to become ambassador, you can't do just like that. We too have restrictions," Rashid told Rana.

Before this, Headley had got a visa for five years from New York without approval of the Board of Investment. Later, on seeing Headley's visa from New York, Rashid recognized who had signed the visa in New York, but had not put the stamp to avoid getting caught.

In the cross-questioning, Rana's lawyer Patrick Blegen said the majority of Rana's phone records had been examined and it was found that Rana's computers were used for research of H1B visas and other visa issues.

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