Resident Visa

The China visa include four types: ordinary visa , diplomatic visa, courtesy visa and service visa. The Ordinary visa includes 8 categories and there are Tourist visa (L-visa),  Business Visa (F-visa), Work Visa (Z-visa),  Student Visa (X-visa), Transit Visa (G-visa), Resident Visa(D-visa), Crew Visa(C-visa), Journalist Visa (J-visa)

Tourist Visa(L-visa) is issued to an alien who comes to China temporarily for traveling, family visiting or other personal affairs, medical treatment or other private purposes.It is available  for Single entry, double entry tourist visa. The China tourist visa is valid for 6 months with single-entry, or 6 months with double-entry, or 6 months/12 months with multiple-entry. Apply for the Tourist Visa, please clink here

Business Visa(F-visa) is issued to aliens who is invited to China for a business visit, research, lecture, scientific or cultural exchanges. Single entry visa, double entry visa, six month multiple entry visa and one year multiple entry business visa are available. Apply for the Tourist Visa, please clink here

Work Visa (Z-visa) is issued to foreigners who enters China for Chinese employers to work in China(such as teacher) for an extended period of time, and their accompanying family members. Apply for the Tourist Visa, please clink here

Student Visa (X-visa) is issued to applicants who comes to China for study, advanced studies or intern practice for a period of more than six months. If the study time is no more than six months, then you shall apply for a china business visa. Apply for the Tourist Visa, please clink here

Transit Visa (G-visa) is issued to aliens transit through China. U.S. passport holders must obtain a transit visa to transit through all Chinese airports except Pudong International Airport in Shanghai.   Apply for the Tourist Visa, please clink here

Resident Visa (G-visa) is issued to applicants who enters to reside permanently in China.
Visa is not required of aliens, who hold final destination tickets and have booked seats on international airliners flying directly through China and will stay in a transit city for less than 24 hours without leaving the airport. Apply for the Tourist Visa, please clink here

Chinese Visa

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Validity of Visa
A single entry Chinese visa is valid for 3 months from the date of issue, and a double entry visa is valid for 6 months. A China visa holder must enter China before the expiration date for the visa to remain valid.
Duration of Stay
The duration of stay is specified on a Chinese visa. Chinese visa holders must not stay beyond the specified date without extending their visas. Otherwise, they will be subject to stiff penalties.